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GoTOURgether connects you to a local community of industry pros and a database of unique tours and activities. Offer your guests once in a lifetime experiences, and earn a 10% commission every time you book!

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Offer a Concierge Service

Guests don’t want to walk around town finding experiences and comparing prices. They want convenience. The GoTOURgether marketplace turns you into a professional concierge, able to offer your guests local tours and activities provided by local members. Enhance the experience of your guests and make more money, by earning a 10% commission on every single tour you book!

Improve the Guest Experience

With GoTOURgether there’s no need to send your guests to the tour agency down the road - you can instantly bring up a live inventory of available tours and book it then and there. No going door to door, no calling around, no searching for the best price - GoTOURgether makes you a one stop shop, enhancing your guest offering.

Create Your Own Events

You aren’t limited to selling the experiences of other members - you can offer your own too! Upload an event, activity, service or experience in just a few clicks, and instantly promote it to a local sales ecosystem that includes other hotels and hostels, tour operators, tourism suppliers, and visitors.

As simple as a QR code

Simply print a unique QR code and make it available to your costumers, in their rooms, on the bar or restaurant tables or at the reception. They then scan your unique QR code, get access to your marketplace of the local inventory of tours and activities and you get 10% of every tours they book. It’s that simple.

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Shop Experiences, Invite Providers

Head to your dashboard and click ‘Marketplace’ to view and book the tours offered by other members. Can’t find all of the tour and activity providers you usually work with? Invite them to join the community! The more suppliers you invite, the more experiences you’ll be able to offer your guests!

Start Selling!

Let’s make some money! Let your costumer access and book local tours and activities directly through your marketplace using your unique QR code. You’ll earn a sweet 10% commission for every tour they book