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GoTOURgether connects you to a local sales network of hotels, hostels, tour agencies and other experience providers who sell for you, and online at, leaving you free to do what you love - delivering amazing experiences!

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What is a Supplier?

A Supplier is anyone who offers their own tours and activities to tourists - people like tour guides, activity hosts, event organizers, cooking or dance teachers, and non-profits looking for volunteers.

Member Benefits

Reach More Customers

Did you know that 80% of tours and activities are booked when a tourist arrives at their destination? By adding your inventory to GoTOURgether, you’ll give hotels, hostels, tour agencies and any other local tourism professionals the opportunity to sell your tours and activities for you. You can reach more tourists AND spend less time marketing and selling your products!

No exclusivity required

Use the platform as a new way to sell your tours, but feel free to keep using other distribution channels to sell you tours, or even sell them yourself. The platform doesn’t take any commission on the sales you don’t make through the platform. Just make sure that you update the platform with those bookings to make sure that the distributors know how many seats you have left on your tours.

An Engaged Community

GoTOURgether is a localized community of tourism professionals; a meeting place where you can promote your experiences, share news, ask questions, find work, sell and trade equipment, and much, much more. Meet new people, expand your network, and stay up-to-date with what matters to you! Invite your friends to make the community even stronger!

Allows credit card payments

The platform allows you to either accept credit card payments for the tours you offer, or to choose the cash option to get paid directly by your costumers at the beginning of the tours. For the tours fully paid by credit card, you will be paid within 14 days after your tour is finished and are guaranteed to be paid, even if your costumer don’t show up at the last minute.

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Tell us a little about yourself: your name, your company, your location, and where we should send your earnings.

Design Your Experience

Once your profile is filled out, it’s time to show the community what you’ve got! Go to the Manager page and use the simple form to add your tours and activities. This 10-15 minute process is where you can show us what you’ve got, and set yourself apart!

Update your calendar

Advise the community on the availability of your tours and activities with our simple calendar. Other GoTOURgether members will then be able to sell your tours for the dates marked available! We recommend keeping your calendar updated three months ahead of time.

Finish Up

You’re now ready to receive bookings - it’s that simple! In the meantime you can enhance your profile, and explore the GoTOURgether social media feature to see who you already know. Can’t find your friends? Go ahead and invite them - the more members, the more potential salespeople for your tours!

Start Selling!

Let’s make some money! Your tours and activities are now available to be sold by all the GoTOURgether distributors. Remember, that if you are booking your own tour directly, click ‘marketplace’ and select the tour you want to book.

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