Terms and conditions

Gotourgether.com tour suppliers’ terms and conditions to sign up:

Sign-up terms and conditions:

- It is the responsibility of the user (supplier or distributor) of GoTourgether to make sure he is legally allowed to work, operate, offer tours or activities or sell tours and activities in his location.

- The suppliers (guides, teachers, activity providers, transporters) are fully responsible for the tours and activities they are offering on the platform, the platform is only a way to put potential customers in contact with potential suppliers, directly or through local distributor, but in no cases, the platform can be held responsible for the tours or the activities themselves.

- The use of the platform is 100% free for users (suppliers and distributors), the suppliers will always get a 75% to 77% cut of the tours and activity they offer and that are booked through the platform. Distributors will get a 10% commission for tours that are booked through their marketplace. The bank fees will be between 3% to 5% depending on the cards.

- Even though the platform has no exclusivity policy, and the users are allowed to book and offer their activities through other channels (directly, with other distributors or tour opetators), they are required to always update the platform to make sure that the marketplace has a correct inventory to offer. It is 100% free for users to update the platform through their own marketplace for their own tours.

- Users are allowed to accept booking personally through their own marketplace for free. There is no commission taken for bookings made directly by them through their own marketplace. But they are 100% responsible for the tours and activities as well as the payment of the tours and activities they book themselves.

- In case of cancelation:

If the costumers are canceling the tours, the platform is responsible to reimburse them based on the cancelation policies chosen for that tour on the experience (activities) form. The bank fees that are not refundable will be at the charge of the platform GoTOURgether.

If the user (supplier or distributor) cancels the tour themselves, the platform will reimburse the costumer 100%, but the bank fees (3 to 5%) will be charged to the user that canceled.

- The users (supplier and distributor) are responsible for their own tours and activities, including updating their live calendars.

- The tours and activities offered by suppliers (guides, teachers, activity providers, transporters) on the platform need to be operated by themselves. They cannot be subcontracted to other suppliers. The platform will only offer tours and activities of a supplier that are not overlapping with each other after a booking.

- The tours and activities offered by distributors (hotel/hostel, tour operator, restaurants, bar, Airbnb host) can be overlapping and run by different suppliers, but the distributor is fully responsible for finding a competent and legal guide to run the tour or the activity.

- Distributors are responsible for the tours and activities they offer through the platform when it is their own tours and activities. But If the distributor sells a tour or an activity of another user through the platform, this user himself is responsible for the tour and cannot hold the distributor responsible for anything.

- 2 payment options will be offered to the costumers:

1) A full credit card payment, in that case the entire sum will be paid by the costumer before the tour on the platform and the amount will be divided like follow : 75% will be attributed to the suppliers, 10% to the distributor, 10% to the platform, and 5% to the bank as a transaction fee. In case of cancelations of bookings, the reimbursement will be done according to the cancelation policies chose by the user offering the activity if the costumer himself cancels the tour. If the cancelation is made by the user offering the activity, 100% of the booking will be refunded to the costumer but the banks fees will be at the charge of the user canceling the tour. In case of a full credit card payment, the user is guaranteed to be paid fully in case of a no show from the costumer. If the payment has been made in US$, the money sent to the user for the tours will be evaluated base on the current bank changing rates between US$ and BOB.

2) On the experience (activitites) form of each tour, an option will be offered the users to accept cash payment directly at the begging of the tour. In that case, a 25% fee will be taken by card to validate the booking, and the rest of the amount will have to be delivered in cash directly to the user at the beginning of the tour. If the user allows this type of payments, he will not be guaranteed the money if the costumers are not showing at the last minute. It is a responsibility the users accepts when allowing direct cash payment on the experience form of their tours and activities.

- The Gotourgether platform does not offer any insurance to covering any users (suppliers and distributors), for any kind of issues.

- The users (suppliers and distributors) are responsible to pay their taxes on the money they receive through the platform. GoTOURgether is an intermediary and will only pay taxes on the benefice of the commission they receive from the tours and activities booked in the country of location.

- The prices of the tours offered on the platform must be the same as the tours offered in person

- If users are trying to be dishonest in any way, try to go around the platform to get in touch with the costumers of the platform directly to book them without commission, offer fake, unfair or misleading tours and activities, they will be removed and forbid on the platform.

- If users are not following the terms and conditions, they might be removed from the platform.

- The gotourgether platform guarantees a payment withing 14 days to the users (distributor or supplier) after the tour or activity that was booked and paid though the platform has been finished based on the commissions and terms agreed. The payment of the user comes with a condition that there was no complain or request from the costumer(s) in which case the investigation of the problem might delay the payment.